The Church is a Fair Trade Church, and serves Fair Trade, tea, coffee and other goods when ever possible.

Thornbury is also registered as a Fair trade Town.

      Fair Trade                       

                                       What is Fair Trade?

      Fair Trade is not a charity or brand name,  but a workable trading model which enables producers,  especially farmers in third world countries,  to obtain a fair and stable price for their produce.

                                              Where to buy?

      Fair Trade is readily available in Thornbury at,  Oxfam,  the United Reformed Church and Baptist Church have been selling a range of Fair Trade goods for a number of years.  But over the past 4 years,  with the advent of Fair Trade Town status,  products are now available from a number of outlets in the town.  Look for the Fair Trade Logo in shop windows.

            Thornbury Town Council have produced a local directory of places where Fair Trade Goods can be purchased.  The Directory is updated regularly and is available from the Tourist Information Center,  Library,  Armstrong Hall Complex, the Chantry,  and most churches within the town.