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Easter Experience    

• Usually at Easter Thornbury Churches Together have a walk of witness on Good Friday. This year, because of social restrictions, we have prepared a walking route with stop off places for prayer available from 28th March-3 rd April.
• The last 12 months have been so hard and we believe that the events of Easter speak very clearly into this. On Good Friday there was a feeling of complete devastation as Jesus was crucified – ‘We had hoped he was the one who was going to set Israel free!’ said his friends. On Saturday there was waiting and wondering and questioning about all that had happened. And then on Sunday morning the news came, ‘He is risen!’ Jesus had defeated death and enabled a new start, new possibilities, a new life – ‘life in all its fullness’ as he had promised
• We invite you to join us to use the events of Easter to help you to think through all that you have gone through in the last year
• There is a route along the stream near Crossways Schools which is particularly suitable for younger families
• At Thornbury Baptist Church the church garden will be open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, plus Saturday 8am4pm. There will be prayer stations set out with suggestions to help you think and pray
• At Thornbury United Reformed Church the church garden will be open 10am-4pm daily with a cross and ribbons to inspire your prayers. Also walk into the carpark by the church and look up to the windows to see a message for you.
• At Thornbury Methodist Church there will be pictures with prayers in the hall windows facing Castle Court and by the front doors of the church facing the High Street.
At Christ the King Roman Catholic Church there will be opportunities for private prayer using the Stations of the Cross inside the church from 11am-4pm daily, plus the prayer garden which is open 24/7.
At St Mary’s Church the church garden will be open 24/7 with prayer stations set up, as well as at St Arilda’s Church in Oldbury, if you would like a longer walk. Also the chapel at Shepperdine will be open throughout this time as a place of pilgrimage.
• On Easter Day the churches will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in a variety of ways. Some will be online, some will be in church buildings, with restrictions, and some outside. Please visit the church websites for details.
• May you know the joy and hope that comes with the news that Jesus is alive!